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Wulo: Checkmate. The story of an entrepreneurial failure

On January 9, 2018, the mobility sector welcomed Wulo. Developed with open source technologies, Wulo is a platform complemented by a smartphone application that connects individuals and drivers. The arrival of Wulo is praised by the press, which sees in it a small application with great potential and an ethical alternative to Uber, 100% French. At the helm is serial entrepreneur Manfred Touron with his team, all members of the United Drivers association created in 2016 to stand up to the giant Uber. These actors aim to reinvent an equitable growth model where drivers' work is a major driver for social inclusion. Running counter to the flow of Uber and many other applications, Wulo presents a revolutionary business model based on "Zero" strategies: 0 commission, 0 subscription, 0 commitment and 0 marketing. These strategic choices make Wulo a highly attractive platform for drivers. Thus, Wulo has all the conditions to succeed in the field of mobility. However, the dream was shattered as soon as growth started: the lack of mobilization of driver-partners (DPs), the main users, linked to the choice of no revenue from the platform, did not allow Wulo to quickly reach a critical mass of customers (drivers and passengers) and to ensure its sustainability over time. 145 days after its birth, the entrepreneurial adventure stops overnight leaving drivers and passengers on the side of the road.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Discover and understand a serial entrepreneur and his effectual approach in the construction of an entrepreneurial project.
- Learn and analyze an entrepreneurial failure situation related to specific strategic decisions ("zero"strategies).
- Understand how entrepreneurial failure can become a lever for future entrepreneurial success.
- Working in a collaborative mode: critical thinking and collective stance-taking.
- Stimulate participants' reflection on the risks of entrepreneurial failure and its consequences, as well as exit and its strategy.

Failure - Effectuation - Platform - ESS - Developer - Critical thinking
- Students of Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Management Schools, and/or students on a double degree in Engineering-Management
Secteur d'activité
Passenger transport by vehicles with Driver-Partners (DPs)
Caractéristiques particulières
- Cas d'examen
- PPT: Debriefing
- PPT: Presentation
- WORD: Template for students
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23 avec 9 page(s) annexe(s)
plus de 3 heures (3h to 4h30)
60 - Transports terrestres
Oui (18 pages) - incluse

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