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In February 2022, Volkswagen announced that it wanted to list its subsidiary Porsche AG on the stock exchange, with the IPO taking place in September 2022. Porsche and Volkswagen have historical and family ties. The Porsche family's holding company, Porsche SE, is a shareholder in Volkswagen, which in turn owns 100% of Porsche AG. The IPO took place in a sluggish IPO market, in an automotive sector that is also in turmoil.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Study the mechanism of an IPO, with specificities
- Examine the influence of context in financial decisions and in particular in an IPO
- Work on the mechanism of evaluation by comparables
- Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of such an operation
- Be critical, comparing the announced objectives with reality
IPO, shareholders, governance, family business, valuation, comparables, multiples, preferred shares
The case is intended for students at Master's level, as part of a finance course (financial strategy, corporate finance, financing operations, financial engineering).
This case requires a bachelor's degree in financial analysis and corporate finance.
Secteur d'activité
Sale of cars and light motor vehicles
Caractéristiques particulières
Answer key to be shown to students (PowerPoint).
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20 avec 15 page(s) annexe(s)
3h00 (From 3 hours to 4 hours.)
34 - Industrie automobile
Oui (17 pages) - incluse

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