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Successo Spa Creation of a new company & Search for growth capital investors

Successo is the Italian subsidiary of an English group run by John, an international business developer. Set up in 2018 in Milan, Successo will provide bespoke IT services to banks and insurance companies. To deliver this plan, John needs to raise EUR 0.9m of capital from an investment fund that has been supporting his international expansion since the 1990s.
This case focuses on issues raised by the investor's analysis of the financial part of a business plan. The investment potential is considered from different perspectives: analysis of the economic profitability of the investment project, financial and risk analysis of projected financial statements, and return on investment expected by the investor.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Understand how to analyze the economic profitability of an equity investment opportunity - Draw up projected Financial Statements and read/interpret them
- Learn how to calculate an operating cash flow and a free cash flow
- Assess the investment opportunity for an investor
Corporate Finance - Financial modellin - Business plan - Operating and free cash flow - Investment criteria - Valuation of shares - DCF method - Cost of capital - Financial
MBA - MSc in International Business - Executive education
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PPT: Debriefing without comments (27 slides)
PPT: Debriefing with comments (27 slides)
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