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Mapaero: From aeronautics to wind power - a successful diversification of an SME

Mapaéro is an SME specialized in the development and manufacture of waterborne paint for aeronautics. Given the high risk of dependence on the giants of the sector, it decided to diversify its business without upsetting its mode of operation. It now has to evaluate the opportunity and the way to enter the wind power market in order to expand its customer portfolio.

Objectifs pédagogiques
- Understand how the wind power sector operates, be able to identify the role of the different players in the sector and take into account their expectations.
- Make a decision regarding the relevance (or not) for the company to enter this new market, i.e. the wind power sector.
- Use the SWOT matrix to analyse the situation of the company and to evaluate its potential on the wind energy market.
- Use strategic thinking to evaluate the various targeting options and to choose the appropriate target and positioning.
- Recommend operational actions adapted to the B2B context, in particular with respect to communication and sales arguments.

Capstone case study - Exam case study - B2B marketing - Industrial marketing - Channels - SME-SMI - Market analysis - SWOT - Marketing strategy - New market penetration - Segmentationn - Targeting - Target and positioning - Operational recommendations - Marketing plan - Marketing mix - Selling arguments
Undergraduate and Master students
Secteur d'activité
Manufacture of paints - Varnishes and similar coatings - Printing ink and mastics
Caractéristiques particulières
- PPT: Solution for presentation (22 slides)
- Case examen (3 h)
Livraison par lien de téléchargement
30 avec 3 page(s) annexe(s)
24 - Industrie chimique, pharmaceutique, parapharmaceutique
Oui (6 pages) - incluse

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