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Made & More: Slow fashion powered by eCommerce

As slow fashion gains momentum as a way of producing garments ethically, more and more digital players are harnessing this trend to sell clothes in compliance with these values. This case study investigates the company Made & More, a slow fashion eCommerce firm based in Belgium.
Since its beginning in 2013, it has experienced rapid growth and has benefitted from a successful fund raising strategy, which now allows it to critically expand its operations and gain traction. This case presents its current approach to eCommerce, the tools and strategies it uses and its plans for the future.
Objectifs pédagogiques
Familiarise learners with online communication and distribution issues.
- Describe an appropriate consumer segment for a specific online offering (understanding of an online value proposition and marketing mix).
- Articulate recommendations for the development of a successful e-commerce strategy in terms of channels and communication strategies.
- Propose an online communication plan with specific channels and content.
- Develop a multichannel distribution strategy.
Ecommerce, online marketing, eretailing, eshop, online distribution, online communication, web marketing
Business schools, universities, executive education, postgraduate
Secteur d'activité
Fashion, e-commerce
Caractéristiques particulières
- Debrief: PowerPoint presentation: 2 documents are provided, the 1st can be projected to the students in class and the second includes commentaries. It can be printed and can help the trainer when commenting on the slideshow (22 slides).
- Case can be used for an examination (Appendix with questions and grading scale).
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