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GOLD BOND: The high stakes of dermocosmetics at Sanofi

Sanofi is the French pharmaceutical industry leader. This is a highly competitive global industry in which the different strategic groups are pursuing one of two options: focalization on treatments for specific medical conditions or diversification into other business segments. In 2009, Sanofi acquired the Gold Bond brand. These products treat skin conditions. This type of care involves dermocosmetic products, but this brand is essentially distributed on the North American market. The dermocosmetics market is considered both solid and promising in many countries. The market is served by a wide range of players, from SMEs to large firms and from different industries. France is a market with the potential for the development of a range of dermocosmetics by Sanofi. The goal is, hence, to analyze the opportunities for the firm on the French market and to reflect on how to launch a range of dermocosmetics.
Objectifs pédagogiques
What is interesting in this case study is to investigate the example of a French firm which is a world leader in its field.
- The case requires sectorial analysis to analyze the major factors that influence the environment and the key variables therein. It is also indispensable to assess the intensity of competitive forces.
- The study gives the students the opportunity to study a complex environment, enabling them to conduct a diagnosis of the situation and to examine the relevance of developing a strong position on the French dermocosmetics market.
- Given the complexity of the pharmaceutical and dermocosmetics market environments, it is indispensable to classify data and information that relates to them and to compare information from different sources and from different periods.
- The case makes it possible to test the students' decision-making abilities. They will be able to elaborate a marketing strategy for a product launch on the national dermocosmetics market.
- When the case is used for group work, it enables trainers to evaluate students' abilities to function as team players and to stimulate creativity in the discussions within the groups.
- When the case is used as an individual examination, it will enable learners to develop their abilities to concentrate, analyze and engage in critical thinking in a limited timeframe.
Dermo cosmetics, Sanofi, pharmaceutical industry, Gold bond, generic drugs
Bachelor & master students, initial and continuing education, business schools and universities.
Secteur d'activité
Beauty treatment
Caractéristiques particulières
PPT debriefing : 33 slides
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20 avec 3 page(s) annexe(s)
plus de 3 heures (3 to 4 hours)
24 - Industrie chimique, pharmaceutique, parapharmaceutique
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