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Dividend policy and their determinants: six mini-cases of companies

This case study in finance includes 6 mini cases of companies operating in various real contexts and deals mainly with dividend policy.
The case provides an opportunity to review the different types of dividend policy, and to study the various factors influencing dividend policies. In the last case study, students can suggest a dividend policy.
Students will have to mobilize theories and notions in real situations that are intentionally different. The student can thus make the link between theory and practice and give make his/her knowledge in this field meaningful.
For each of the mini cases, there is a presentation of the company and sectorial data, with 3 information categories: profitability, dividend policy and capital structure.

Objectifs pédagogiques
The main learning objectives are to be able to:
- Analyze a situation, understand it and summarise it.
- Evaluate a dividend policy, and identify the type of dividend policy chosen.
- Identify the determinants of a dividend policy.
- Apply theoretical arguments in practice (agency, signal).
- Be critical, understand the advantages and disadvantages of a dividend policy.
- Choose and argue in favour of a dividend policy for a group that does not pay out.
- Know how to work in a team.

Dividend policy - Dividend - Payout ratio - Dividend yield - Financial strategy
Students at Bachelor or Master 1 level, as part of a finance course (Financial Strategy, Corporate Finance, Financing Operations, Financial Engineering).
Secteur d'activité
Healthcare - Environmental services - Healthcare services - Airport activity - Safety of people and property - Consulting and technologies
Caractéristiques particulières
- PPT: Debrief to be shown to students (29 slides)
- PTT: Debrief with comments for trainers (29 slides)
- PPT: Presentation of the case (5 slides)
- Exam case
Livraison par lien de téléchargement
19 avec 1 page(s) annexe(s)
85 - Santé et action sociale
Oui (19 pages) - incluse

Adhérents : 360,00 € HT / Non adhérent : 720,00 € HT
* Usage illimité pour un campus sans limite de nombre d'étudiants.

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