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Development of an AI-driven marketing strategy: The case of Swiss Wines

The case study delves into the complexities surrounding AI-driven marketing within Swiss Wines, a company specializing in both online and offline retail of Swiss wines. Seeking guidance, the company consults an AI expert to help in the implementation of an AI-driven marketing approach. The primary focus lies in elucidating and formulating a tailored AI-driven marketing strategy for Swiss Wines, aimed at fostering distinctive and personalized customer experiences. Throughout the case study, students will analyze the company's current position, explore various alternatives, and evaluate exemplary initiatives and strategies.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Comprehend the role of AI in modern companies, its interactions and interfaces with marketing, its main instruments, recent trends, and developments
- Understand how to strategically implement AI technology in a marketing strategy, its functionalities, and limitations, and how to implement AI-driven marketing strategy in a company
- Demonstrate the ability to use AI-related and marketing-related language to be able to communicate with both marketing-related and technology-related departments in a company
- Create an AI-driven marketing strategy to create a unique and personalized customer experience
AI-driven marketing, personalization, CRM, recommender systems, analytics
Graduate and executive students with a background in marketing in general and digital marketing in particular
Secteur d'activité
Retail sale of beverages in specialised stores
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52 - Commerce de détail et réparation d'articles domestiques
Oui (12 pages) - incluse

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