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Château d'Issan: What Role for a Grand Cru in Margaux?

Château d'Issan, a Grand Cru Classé located in the Margaux appellation in Médoc, has been owned by various families who, one after the other, have embodied the "soul of Issan" for more than eight centuries. This "soul" is underpinned by the values of noble wine-growing and the special nature of the terroir here: Margaux is, in fact, renowned for the elegance of its wines. Château d'Issan is a neighbour of Château Margaux, a Premier Grand Cru Classé. The two châteaux often sit side-by-side at the top of ratings established by wine critic, Robert Parker.
Augustin Lacaille is Sales Manager at Château d'Issan. It is his job to handle relations with the négociants and support them with promotional operations worldwide.
The case study looks at four issues.
- How the add value within the sector shared between producers and négociants?
- How to manage the differentiation of Issan in the context of the Grand Crus category?
- How to design an efficient and consistent storytelling for Issan?
- How to rejuvenate the Issan's brand?
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Improve the knowledge and understanding of the wine-growing sector in one of the regions that serves as a benchmark in the world wine sector: Bordeaux.
- Lead a diagnosis of a Château in the Grands Crus category dealing with the Place de Bordeaux system, in other words an illustration of a sector governed upstream, by the producers, and not downstream as is often the case currently.
- Apply the principles of a differentiation strategy as an alternative to the impossibility of increasing production volumes and use arguments to justify this strategy in the context of a niche market.
- See how story-telling techniques in a niche context such as the Grands Crus can help a château to stand out.
- Understand the issues of brand ageing, even in the luxury sector, and put forward ideas for rejuvenating the image.
Wine sector - Bordeaux - Differentiation - Segmentation - Positioning - Brand development - Storytelling - Distribution network management - Consumer loyalty - Luxury marketing
Students at Master's level and participants in marketing and strategy training sessions as part of Executive Education courses. It is particularly recommended to use this case study on courses devoted to the wine sector.
Secteur d'activité
Manufacture of wine from grape
Caractéristiques particulières
- PPT (2): A debriefing documents are provided. The first is to be projected in class (13 slides), the second is for the trainer and includes comments (17 slides).
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