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Botanic®: Reconciling Effective Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility

The garden has an increasingly important place in French people's lifestyles and they spend an increasing amount of time and money on this new passion.
On this extremely competitive market, botanic® has positioned itself as the benchmark chainstore in terms of eco-friendly gardening. Going beyond their attractive product offering and their stores, botanic® seeks to reconcile natural gardening, growth and corporate social responsibility.

Learners will play the roles of consultants whose mission is to initially establish objectives, define the target and postioning of botanic®.
They must then elaborate a marketing policy which is coherent with the company's stance on CSR.
Objectifs pédagogiques
. Carry out a complete marketing analysis:
- define a marketing position,
- develop a marketing policy.

. Increase learner awareness of CSR issues.
Sustainable development, CSR, Marketing strategy, Marketing policy, Communication
Management schools, universities, executive education
Secteur d'activité
Gardening superstores
Caractéristiques particulières
- Debriefing on Strategy and Marketing Mix and CSR Policy (Powerpoint)
- Debriefing on Strategy, Mix and CSR Policy (Powerpoint with commentaries)
(42 slides)

French version available: KEDGE-MA-003
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Oui (7 pages) - incluse

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