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Boreal Ltd: Sustainable Supply Chain & Finance

The Boreal company is a family business located in the North-East of France which markets wood and pellet stoves in France and abroad (Germany, Italy). The stoves are purchased from foreign manufacturers in Northern Europe (mostly Sweden, Norway, Denmark). Its customers are mainly private individuals looking for economical and eco-responsible means of heating. Due to the pressure on energy prices (gas and electricity), the company is currently experiencing double-digit growth in its turnover. Benefiting from a very good brand image, the company is prospering, and orders are pouring in. Although the company charges high prices, it benefits from an affluent clientele that uses "word of mouth" and does not hesitate to leave glowing comments on the Internet about the professionalism of the technical teams and the company's very good commercial follow-up. After two generations of entrepreneurs, Julie Wood has taken over the management of the company pushing a sustainable development of the supply chain management.
Objectifs pédagogiques
Make students aware of the usefulness and mission of a supply chain department:
- Contribute to the deployment of a global, sustainable strategy based on four key areas: customer service, inventory optimization, cost control and sustainable development.
On completion of this case study, students will be able to:
- Analyze performance from a global perspective
- Understand the link between supply chain operational indicators and financial indicators;
- Select and follow relevant supply chain indicators to address sustainability
- Become a driving force behind the development of performance management reporting systems
Sustainable supply chain, financial ratios, ESG indicators, financial analysis, supply chain indicators
Secteur d'activité
Manufacture of non-electric domestic appliances
Caractéristiques particulières
Debriefing to be projected to students
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15 avec 4 page(s) annexe(s)
de 1 à 2 jours (7 hours)
40 - Production et distribution d'électricité, de gaz et de chaleur
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