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Boardriders distribution strategy: Back to the endless summer for Quiksilver?

Quiksilver Inc. changes its name in 2017 to replace it with Boardriders Inc. The company is nearly 50 years old (will be in 2019) and has experienced sustained growth for 42 years to reach nearly $2 billion and be the leader in sports boards goods. The last 5 years have been much more difficult in a market where competition is fierce, particularly on the main distribution channel (2/3 of the business) that is composed of wholesalers.
This case is interested in the distribution strategy of Boardriders / Quiksilver company - which concentrated (too much? Or too early?) in the qualitative segment of direct-to-consumer. This case also provides an opportunity to reflect on growth strategies in the fast growing sports goods market.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- To be aware of the different distribution channels that companies can use, in particular the dichotomy between wholesale and retail (direct-to-consumer channels).
- To be able to develop a complete marketing analysis by:
. Defining very clearly the positioning of the main brand of the company Boardriders / Quiksilver...
. Analyzing the key factors for a successful distribution strategy that is consistent with such a positioning and helps make it stronger.
Marketing of sporting goods - Sports brand management - Action sports brand - Board sports brand - Distribution of sporting goods - Wholesale - Retail - Direct to consumer
The target audience is composed of students from business schools or/and universities. The case could also benefit to students of executive education programs, especially those programs that focus either on retailing or on brand strategy.
The only prerequisites for students being asked to work on the current case study is a background in marketing fundamentals.
Secteur d'activité
Retail sale of clothing in specialised stores
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- PPT: Debriefing to project for students and commented debriefing for trainers (51 slides)
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