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Adidas AG: How can blockchain technology improve Supply chain Management?

Innovation and Supply chain Management are closely linked and in recent years, have become increasingly important. Innovation does not exclusively focus on Supply chain management issues that can, however, contribute to operational excellence. Rather than creating new technologies, Supply chain Management frequently applies existing ones and optimises them for specific SCM purposes. Innovation within the Supply chain is crucial to improve operational performance, decrease costs, lower production and operational cycle times but also to increase quality and customer satisfaction. One recent innovation is the blockchain technology. The question which is reaised here the following. How can blockchain technology improve Supply chain Management and in which areas can be deployed to enhance processes and optimise performances? Adidas AG was operating worldwide with a staff of about 61000 employees in 2017. The case study proposes to identify and analyze the needs and opportunities for implementing blockchain technology at ADIDAS AG.
Objectifs pédagogiques
The learning goals of this case are to:
- Understand the challenges of the supply chain,
- Make the students aware of the impacts of innovation in the supply chain,
- Developp a critical approach concerning innovation.
Blockchain - Supply chain - Innovation
Many audiences may be interested by the case: The primary target is students on specialised master's courses or learners focusing on innovation. In the latter case, students should follow a mooc or have a grasp of supply chain management basics. Executive education audiences will also find this case study interesting. The case study is also appropriate for business school students at Master 1 or 2 levels who are following a supply chain class.
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