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A Model of International Organization: Schneider Electric in Russia *

* Top Case Study Prize in International Management Atlas-AFMI 2016

Atlas-AFMI Label "recommended of pedagogical interest"

Schneider Electric (SE) is typical of a traditional French industry: this family business was started at the end of the 19th century and became a renowned and internationally successful multinational company, a world leader in most of the fields dealing with electric power's use and distribution. Its success has been built mainly on its international presence, partnerships, and acquisitions in more than 200 countries. One cannot succeed in such international development without being a powerful and intelligent organization.

This case is a sequential and modular type of case study, and, depending on the objectives of the training and level of the participants, different aspects of international organizations' strategies and management are studied. The thematic questions proposed at the end of the case can be selected and treated independently.

The main issue of this case is to describe the consequences of the tension between adaptation and standardization from an HQ (Headquarters) point of view as well as from an abroad subsidiary's point of view, Schneider Electric Russia.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- To give a concrete illustration of the organizational strategies of such an MNC (multinational company).
- To push participants to analyze and criticize SE's international organization and question the impact of management tools (such as IHRM, TQM, KPI, NPS, etc.) and working and management practices on the organization.
- To assess the importance of the cultural and institutional contexts in the relationship between the Headquarters and the subsidiary (here Russia).
- To question the participants' own ability and willingness to fit into such organization.
International organizational strategies, Cultural and institutional distances, International human resources management (IHRM), Management tools, International motivation and capacities.
This case could be used at the graduate level as an illustration in organization theory and international management classes. It could also be used as preparation for future expats or for executives who manage subsidiaries or international management at an HQ.

Prerequisite: This case is not adaptable to bachelor-level students, who are still in the process of discovering what an organization is and what the environment of a company is. This case requires basic management knowledge in order to deal with the complexity of the interactions among organizations and their contexts. However, practical knowledge may be sufficient to use the case.
Secteur d'activité
Manufacture of electrical equipment

Caractéristiques particulières
- This case study is composed of a written presentation of the company situation and a 15' video presenting the interview of Christophe Defossez, project management officer at SE Russia.
- A teaching notes give a detailed analysis of each question, discussion suggestions, and evaluations (36 p.).
- A slide presentation gives the main results (12 slides).
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3h00 (1 to 8 sessions of 3 hours. )
Oui (36 pages) - incluse

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