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Berthe Aux Grands Pieds: When creativity and the "made in France" make the difference*

* Finalist of the AFM Award 2020 for the best practical case in marketing

Created in 1999, Berthe aux Grands Pieds is a top-of-the-range brand of socks and tights 100% made in France. Characterised by creativity in terms of design, style, colours and materials, it is distributed on the Internet via an e-shop and in more than 1500 points of sale in 12 countries. Rebellious and without complex, BAGP evolves in a very competitive universe where consumers' preference for cheap socks dominates.
In this case study, Régis GAUTREAU, the brand's creator, calls on learners as marketing consultants. He has great ambitions for the company and is thinking about possible areas of development, while w ishing to maintain the authenticity and originality of its positioning.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Identifying the stages in the marketing process.
- Conducting a complete marketing diagnosis (external and internal).
- Successfully connecting the information provided in the case study to the strategic and operational recommendations.
- Using creativity in formulating the recommendations.
- Understanding the "100% made in France" approach.
Fundamental marketing - Brand management - Product policy - Communication policy - Marketing mix - Strategic marketing - Diagnosis - SWOT - PESTEL - Creativity - Made in France - Digital Marketing
Students: Licence, Master and Mastères spécialisés
Secteur d'activité
Textiles and clothing sector
Caractéristiques particulières
- PPT: debriefing (68 slides)
Livraison par lien de téléchargement
12 avec 44 page(s) annexe(s)
plus de 3 heures
17 - Industrie textile
Oui (18 pages) - incluse

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