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Librinova: a Start-up for Digital Innovation in Publishing

The Librinova case features a start-up company operating as a self-publishing platform in France. The two young women who created Librinova have a strong experience in the publishing industry, which made them able to create a unique value proposition for client-writers. The company started to operate in March 2014. The case takes place in the first quarter of 2017, just before Librinova goes for a third round of funding. The main question is whether the company has a real chance to raise the money it needs. This question points to the more fundamental issue of Librinova's competitive advantage and growth potential. More specifically, the discussion should examine whether Librinova's "digital platform" business model makes sense in the emerging multi-sided market for digital publishing.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Examine how digitalization affects traditional industries (such as publishing).
- Analyze a business model and look into how to improve it.
- Get a better understanding of multi-sided markets.
- Analyze digital platform strategies and discuss how they differ from traditional business strategies.
- Assess the likelihood of success of an innovative start-up company and discuss whether investors should fund it.
Two-sided markets - Digital platform - Business model - Start-up - Innovation - Disruption - Book - E-book - Self-publishing
MBA, MSc Specialized Masters
Executive Education
No pre-requisite
Secteur d'activité
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9 avec 1 page(s) annexe(s)
1h30 (75-90 minute class discussion)
22 - Edition, imprimerie, reproduction
Oui (11 pages) - incluse

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