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After the Spin-off from ACCOR: Creating a New Strategy for EDENRED

The case describes the process through which the "prepaid services" division of the Accor hotel group was spun off in 2010 as Edenred, an independent publicly traded company. It goes on to explain what prepaid services are and to describe the prepaid services industry, before focusing on Edenred itself. Finally, it points out changes occurring in and around the industry that might undermine the future profitability of the industry as a whole and of Edenred in particular. Students are asked to suggest possible strategies for the future in order to maintain the abnormally high profitability Edenred has enjoyed for many years.
Objectifs pédagogiques
The Edenred case can serve several purposes, depending on the course in which it is taught. The main focus of the case is on unusual business models and two-sided markets. This fits well towards the end of a Business Strategy course or the end of the Business Strategy part of a full Strategy or Strategic Management course. In addition, other topics that can be covered using this case are diversification and synergies as well as refocusing and spin-off.
Business Strategy, Two Sided Markets, Network Externalities, Unusual Business Models, Government Support, Tax Incentives, Spin off, De Mergers, Digitalization
Grande Ecole, Masters in management, MBA and Executive Education participants
Secteur d'activité
Prepaid services (restaurant vouchers, child care vouchers, etc.)
Caractéristiques particulières
Also available in French version: HEC-S36L
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