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A new takeoff for LOISEAU: from the death of the Chef to renewal

The "gastronomic" company Groupe Bernard Loiseau was managed by its founder, manager and Chef from the very beginning. The total size of the group was one hundred employees, 4 restaurants. After Bernard Loiseau's death in February 2003, the company lost its charismatic leader as well as its expert. The consequent restructuring was aimed as going from a very centralized structure to a more functional organizational structure. Moreover, the company was supposed to reorganize its creative mood by hiring a new chef in the spirit of Loiseau, keeping its 3 stars in the Michelin Guide. This renewal was aimed also at defining what was Loiseau spirit and creating an atmosphere for innovation to keep clients coming without betraying the clients' expectations.
Objectifs pédagogiques
To identify and to analyze the strategic resources of a company and to suggest how to reinforce and develop these resources and competences.
To conduct a strategic analysis that includes various aspects such as strategic assets, human resources, organizational functioning and intangible know-how.
To analyze the complexity of change management processes especially in a company where creativity and quality are at the core of the strategic positioning.
Gastronomy - Luxury - Creation - Organization and structure - Vision of the leader - Leadership - Change management - Passing on business - Brand image - Crisis - strategic Location - Reorganization - Restaurant - Preserving of the skills
Business Schools - Universities - MBA
Secteur d'activité
Restaurant business
Caractéristiques particulières
The video is in French language subtitled in English.
A French version of this case is also available.
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55 - Hôtels et restaurants
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