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The carrot or the stick

An autocratic and tyrannical boss performs better than its predecessor, humanist and respectful of its employees. Why? Over the case, we learn that the humanist boss was dismissed for lack of results. Why?
What makes the difference ? Is that the stress and fear serve as motivation? And if so, until when? Why humanist director failed despite his fine values shared by all?
Does it need more time? Was it more coach employees in their taking responsibility?
This case can really reflect the complexity of our values and their implementation in an organizational context. It is a best seller for many years.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Understand the process of harassment
- Reflect on leadership styles
- Understand the difficulties of transition management
- Understand the differences between participatory and autocratic management
- Introduce students to the political skills in organizations
Bilingual case - Short case - Critical incident - Stress management - Harassment - Mobbing - Autocratic leadership - People management - Change management
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This case is also available in French version (H0407).
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