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Tetra Pak France - A Global Packaging Responsibility Strategy

The case focuses on the Tetra Pak France company in 2012 and the issue of Global Responsibility (GR) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Global Responsibility has been at the heart of Tetra Pak's corporate culture for many years but it is only recently that it has become an explicit part of its 'strategy 2020'. This case study focuses specifically on business in the French market, although some elements are given from a global perspective. Tetra Pak France has been in a difficult competitive situation for several years with the appearance of dynamic new entrants. Tetra Pak France must react and innovate to retaliate while maintaining a strategy that is consistent with its values and responsible global corporate identity. The student is placed in a situation of being a professional consultant working for the general management team of Tetra Pak France.
Objectifs pédagogiques
1. Address the issue of Global responsibility;
2. Develop a broader vision of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR);
3. Use the tools of strategic analysis in the broader context of a process of Global Responsibility/Corporate Social Responsibility approach. For teachers, the educational goal is to show students how a company can develop a globally responsible strategy that is both economically viable and socially responsible. The educational objective is also to highlight the challenges and complexity for an economic objective to coexist with a broader societal or ethical objective.
4. Link the conceptual notions Global Responsibility (GR), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and stakeholder theory to consider the role more or less extended role that business can play in society.
Bilingual case study - Briefing case - Exam case - Corporate strategy - Global Responsibility (GR) - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Master's students (University or Grande Ecole), MBA & Executive Education
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