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"Sitting the month", Chinese traditional postpartum recovery: an old practice taking a new form

Rooted in the age-old custom, the month confinement practiced by Chinese women after the chilbirth is highly respected by le whole Chinese population. It is believed that women become very fragile due to abundant loss of blood and excessive use of energy during the delivery. In order to have a thorough recovery, women are required to stay indoors for a month with a strict diet and no physical activity. With the increase in the purchasing power and influence of western medicine, younger generations are looking for new and modern ways of doing month confinement. In this context, yuezihuisuo, postpartum recovery centres, were launched in the market. The service product meets multiple demands of younger generations: respect of tradition, comfort, modernity and luxuries. Its immediate popularity shows interests and success factors in launching new products that are fully responsive to the local market.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Have a better knowledge of cultural differences.
- Understand better the interests and the logic of launching local products in order to meet the specifie needs of a particular market.
- Understand better how to deal with intangibility of a service product.
- Be able to apply the environmental analysis in seizing new opportunities for business.
- Be able to perform the segmentation, targeting, positioning in a real situation.

Chinese market - Cultural adaptation - Environment - International marketing - Local product - Service intangibility.

Students majoring in business and/or management at bachelor's or master's level
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Caractéristiques particulières
- PPT : debriefing (9 slides)
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9 avec 2 page(s) annexe(s)
85 - Santé et action sociale
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