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Male beauty: the "flower Boys": trendsetters in China

This educational case focuses on the changing market for male beauty products in China. The "flower boys" representing the image of gentle masculinity have gained wide popularity among post-90 generations in China. This phenomenon wich challenges the nom of male beauty and changes the public attitude towards unconventional practices has a significant impact not only on society but also on the business world. In order to seize the new opportunities, companies need to adapt to the market in terms of product creation, communication and distribution. At the same time, they must be aware of social and political constraints.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Become familiar with the phenomenon of soft masculinity in Chinese society;
- Understand social and especially the commercial stake linked to this phenomenon;
- Be able to use marketing concepts in the analysis of business opportunities in the launch of new male beauty products, the design of communications and the choice of distribution modes;
- Be able to propose an adapted marketing plan to meet consumer demand for male cosmetics on the local market.
Marketing in China - Male beauty products - gentle masculinity - Market adaptation - Social and cultural evolution
Bachelor, Master I et II, Mastères spécialisés
Secteur d'activité
Marketing and international Management
Caractéristiques particulières
PPT : debriefing (8 slides)
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52 - Commerce de détail et réparation d'articles domestiques
Oui (14 pages) - incluse

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