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LAFARGE: Social Network as a powerful communication tool in B2B

LAFARGE is today the world leader in building materials. The group operates the production and marketing of its 3 main business units - cement, aggregates and concretes, gypsum - over 79 countries and accounts for 19 billion of euros of sales. With most of its clients being giants of buildings construction, Lafarge works with - and is being judged by - numerous stakeholders such as customers, communities, NGOs, governments and shareholders.
In a context of profound changes undergoing in the sector with the rise of emerging countries, the growing concern of climate change and the constant care of both economic performance and employees' safety, Lafarge strives to communicate better towards business stakeholders.
This case study will offer you the chance to participate at the new positioning and actions plan of LAFARGE's B to B communication on recently emerged, though steadily growing, social networks.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Ability to identify the context, the main issues, and to highlight them.
- Ability to choose the specific tools, so as to sum up the most relevant facts and figures.
- Ability to run a diagnosis and synthesize the analysis.
- Ability to elaborate an efficient Communication Plan, according to the results highlighted in the diagnosis and coherent with objectives defined.
- Ability to be force of proposition and to illustrate personal creativeness and knowledge through clear, justified operational actions.
Examination case - Corporate social responsibility - Marketing Plan - Fair Trade - Brand image - Social Networks - SWOT - Competitive environment - Global Company - Business to Business - Communication Strategy - B to B communication - Shareholders.
This case study is intended for business students of following grades: Bachelor 3 (Marketing option only) - Master 1 - Master 2
It is highly recommended that students have been taught advanced notions of Marketing analysis, B to B environment and have previously used the different analytic tools such as the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), positioning steps and communication plan.
A strong knowledge of the use of IT and services in Marketing as well as inner-creativeness are also recommended to properly address this case.
Secteur d'activité
Building industry
Caractéristiques particulières
The teaching note of this case includes the case resolution as well as a 12 slides debriefing. By the size and density of both core case and exhibits, this case is intended for a 3 hours' work time, most preferably in exam situation. It can also be used as homework or 2-3 people group work.
Also available in French version : M1675
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28 avec 11 page(s) annexe(s)
plus de 3 heures
45 - Construction, BTP
Oui (27 pages) - incluse

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