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LA FABRIQUE DU SUD: Developing a sustainable cooperative in the ice cream and sorbet sector

The main aim of the case study is to provide an insight into the strategic development issues specific to cooperative enterprises, i.e. ensuring their long-term survival while respecting their identity.
It tells the story of the SCOP "La Fabrique du Sud", from its social struggle to the success of its particular business model. Thanks to the data addressed by the case, it is possible to carry out a complete strategic diagnostic, combining elements of internal and external analysis to propose strategic recommendations.
In this way,the case enables us to apply the methods and tools of strategic analysis to understand the particularities of the development of cooperative businesses, which pursue both CSR and profitability objectives. In addition, it places learners in a consultancy situation, enabling them to make strategic recommendations that will further the development of the SCOP. Lastly, the information provided in the answers to the questions enables us to discuss how the cooperative enterprise can shape its future, between evolving and maintaining its model.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Highlight the development issues specific to cooperative enterprises with a mission in response to the expectations of several stakeholders
- Apply strategic analysis methods and tools to learners who had a course in strategy
- Reflect on alternative models of sustainable development for companies pursuing both CSR and profitability objectives
Strategy, social and solidarity economy, CSR, cooperative, mission, strategic analysis
- Students in Master and Specialized Mastère
- MBA and Executive MS
For executives and managers in continuous training.
Secteur d'activité
Food industry
Caractéristiques particulières
PowerPoint : 10 slides
Livraison par lien de téléchargement
15 - Industries alimentaires
Oui (21 pages) - incluse

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