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H7: A business incubator developing its international strategy

Created in 2019, H7 is a business incubator in charge of supporting start-ups in developing their entrepreneurial projects in France. Although H7 is a relatively young business incubator, its ambition is to extend its range of activities by providing start-ups with a strong support in their internationalization process. Developed in close collaboration with H7, this case-study provides detailed information about the incubator as well as several elements of comparison with other incubators and accelerators. Students are required to develop a strategic analysis and to propose recommendations to develop the international activities of H7.
Objectifs pédagogiques
(1) To familiarize with the missions and characteristics of business incubators.
(2) Learn to analyze and compare the strategic development of incubators and to formulate recommendations to develop their international activities:

- Elaborate an internal analysis of H7 using the VRIO model and identify the strategic capabilities of H7,
- Elaborate an external analysis using the PESTEL model
- Highlight the main differences between H7 and Pulsalys (external benchmarking) focusing on the development of a Soft-Landing program by Pulsalys,
- Develop a SWOT matrix and provide recommendations to develop the international activities of H7.
Strategic analysis - Internal analysis - External analysis - Entrepreneurship - Business incubator - International development
- Bachelor
- M1, M2
- MBA, Executive MS
- Cadre, dirigeant
Secteur d'activité
Business incubation
Caractéristiques particulières
PPT: Debriefing (42 slides)
Livraison par lien de téléchargement
plus de 3 heures (De 3 à 6 heures)
74 - Services fournis principalement aux entreprises
Oui (7 pages) - incluse

Adhérents : 360,00 € HT / Non adhérent : 720,00 € HT
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