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DARI COUSPATE: from SME to leader company in international market

This case discusses the family business Dari Couspate. This company represents the leader in the production of couscous and pasta in Morocco.
It's a purely family business created on 06/12/1994 by the Khalil family under the presidency of Mohammed Khalil.
Like any family business, Dari Couspate is largely influenced by the character of the owner family, thus favoring long-term orientations to guarantee the survival of the company.

That said, this case will be dedicated to the financial orientations and governance behind its success while paying attention to the family influence on the company.
Objectifs pédagogiques
- Analyze the different financial structure ratios of the company Dari Couspate
- Determine the motivations behind the investment strategy of a family business by trying to analyze the modalities of the investment policy of the company Dari Couspate
- Determine the motivations behind the financing policy of the Dari family business
- Identify the factors to be taken into consideration for the governance of family business
- Identify the advantages and disadvantages of listing the family business on the stock exchange
Financial diagnosis, corporate strategy, family business, family governance, stock market listing
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Excel file containing the company's summary statements as well as all the calculations required for the financial diagnosis.
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