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Yara's International Challenges: In search of critical size and structure

Atlas-AFMI Label "recommended of pedagogical interest"

The case gives a brief outlook of the major world challenges within the chemical fertilizer industry in the dawn of the Third Millennium. It then positions Yara as a key actor in this industry, highlighting its unique advantages and presents a detailed international timeline starting from Norwegian Hydro fertilizers activity's expansion since its inception. Hence, successive phases of the corporate geographical display are distinguished, introducing this international firm's resulting adaptation issues. After a focus on Yara's corporate values, culture and diversity, emphasis is given to Human Resources and financial functions, to spur reflection on the international development and implementation of strategy.
Objectifs pédagogiques
To identify, at corporate and functional levels:
- The needs for coordinating the activities (here: upstream, industrial and downstream), the various locations (groups of countries where the company operates) as well as the key functions questioned by the internationalization process (especially HR and Finance.
- The needs for harmonizing the corporate procedures and the principles that are prioritized, in terms of reporting, while respecting local/cultural or professions/industry specificities, trying to find an appropriate corporate organizational scheme balancing between centralization and decentralization.
- The need for optimizing the international corporate value chain, between the upstream, industrial and downstream activities, within a world displayed structure among more than 50 countries, taking into account the necessary flexibility imposed by dynamic changes of costs, and the repartition and reorientation of demand throughout the world.
International development - International business development - International strategy - International finance - International human resource management - Chemical fertilizers
Students in Master 1, 2 and Mastères
MBA and Executive MS
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Chemical fertilizers and industrial gases
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